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utterly depraved & quietly losing control.

I am so fucking excited for this. I have been *waiting*.

oh babes no its not the one we were talking about! I’m still mulling that one over. No this is for the HM at Disneyland! 


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The biggest cast bromance was voted to be Aidan and Dean second was Adam and Graham who likes to mother Adam :3

I am so past fucking done with the lot of you go fuck yourselves ugh *table flip*

ok look I’m not saying these pairs are a thing

ok look I’m not saying these pairs are a thing



I have been procrastinating so hard on this story all day it’s almost embarrassing. DEV I NEED YOUR HALP 

aka you berating me and pulling me into scenarios against my will

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UR A FAGIT but I guess I still love you. Hey, hey, so like, say the lads took over Erebore, right, Thorin's like gone to the Shire or sommat to live with Bilbo yeah because no angst. So say Fili and Kili are there right, do you think that Fili would rather give the throne to Balin, and keep with Kili, or keep the throne and make Kili his consort, or keep the throne and try to send Kili to greenwood to hang with Tauriel to make him happy?


Firstly, Dev, you know me, Tauriel would have none of the anything to do with shit. So, let’s get rid of that one right off the bat. *boots her into a shrub*

It’s a tough call. I mean, obviously we’re not being completely realistic so I can definitely See Fili giving the throne to Balin. He’s not ready for it yet. Maybe at least have Balin teach him the ropes for a few years. But at the same time, I think he’d feel uber responsible (at the sake of his uncle’s happiness) to rise up and take it.

Like “ok Uncle Thorin will be happier living in buttfuck whatever with Bilbo. Good. He needs that happiness. He’d be happier with him than here anyways.” So I think, maybe he’d consider giving it to Balin, and maybe even go so far as to discuss it with him, but in the end he’d totally feel responsible for it albeit a little frightened. And Kili would probably feel a little embarrassed perhaps at being a consort but in the end it’s not like anyone would really care I think. There’s a fucking Durin on the throne for a last hurrah cos I don’t think Kili would ever properly want to take it unless something happened to Fili in which case he’d only do so to take revenge (precious little beast ;3;)

Let’s just go with: Fili takes the throne but only with Balin as his right hand man to help guide him and Kili as his Prince/Consort.


sellswordking replied to your photo: My teefury shirt finally came in the mail today!…

Good now I can punch you and steal it

Nah, I’ll just get you that Cheshire Cat pillowpet instead. Drunk Dev said it was ok SO YOU CAN’T SAY NO MUWAHAHAHAHAA

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This is a note to Sober!Dev from me having just gotten off of the phone with Drunk!Dev:


I love you so much omg xD 

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fucking soa facebook fans

fucking soa facebook fans

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lol not exactly what I was going for you nard <3

Send the pain below. Yer iTunes is funneh.

my itunes is a cheeky arse motherfucker. FUCK YOU CHEVELLE THAT’S WHAT EPIDURALS ARE FOR MUWAHAHAHA

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sellswordking replied to your photo: Doctor Richmond is in~ Ririchiyo lab coat is…

oh my dear sweet God is that Richmond’s beautiful face on my dash? Hold everything the fuck up while I make sweet love to it.

oh stawp~

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stawp it you two

W N B D you dork



W - you bitch umm…ok

  1. Yakko Warner from the Animaniacs 
  2. Neal Caffrey from White Collar
  3. Eric Northman from True Blood
  4. Kari Kamiya from Digimon
  5. Kelly Bailey from Misfits

N -Well I think you know the OBVIOUS answer but, aside from Stockholm Syndrome, there’s this one old MCR au fic called “Wind Up Toy” that just k-i-l-l-e-d me the first time around. I spent about a year following it and the author actually finished it a few days before an MCR concert so it was really hard going in there and NOT think about all my feels for them from the fic. It was all bad and so good. I think my first favorite that I re-read a gajillion times though was a Benji/Joel shower sex one. I still have a copy of it too. /endlongpointlessanswer

B- you narcissistic asshole were you thinking about baby Chibs/Juice when you asked that? loljk well that one doesn’t count cos like I wasn’t even in the fandom when you got me addicted to that pairing. I genuinely thought they were a couple and it was all your fault you hor. I felt stupid :P Uhh…I can’t really think of one. I’m stubborn with my likes and dislikes. I either like it right off the bat or it never happens. OH WAIT Beetlejuice & Lydia! (cartoon verse) I was kinda eeked out at first but I read these two fics and idk but they were so gooood that i was like “ok internet, I’ll give you this one. It has it’s charms.” (don’t judge me dammit they’re cartoons get over it)

D - Hmm….what does ‘liked’ mean? Like, one I ship but don’t care about? Or one I don’t ship? Err, I’m not part of the Avengers fandom per se, but I just can’t ship Bruce/Tony or Hawkeye/Black Widow (although the latter is mostly because ScarJo we cool and all but fuck you get off of my bb Dahmer Jeremy) [also lol cos I ain’t even seen this film and shit but still no]

There are a million different digimon ships I don’t appreciate cos they ruin mine so I guess those don’t necessarily follow the “wish I liked” umm….this is hard dammit!

OOOOO ok big one, I WISH I liked Russell/Noel, but I actually don’t. I just, you know Dev, I cannot ship my bb Noel with anyone BUT his beloved Julian. I love Russell to death, I love the Goth Detectives, but them together…nah, it just doesn’t do it for me.

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