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utterly depraved & quietly losing control.

Ok woah wait since-since WHEN are they doing a movie based on my fave Joe Hill book?!?! 

I am way more out of the loop on shit than I thought I was. 

I should really re-read that book it’s been friggin years and I loved it so much ;A;

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Made the mistake of wearing my goetia dress on Galliday at Disney yesterday and I kept getting double takes from everyone cos they kept thinking it was a dress covered in Gallifreyan lmao


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I was explaining to Mayra today how a boyfriend only really sounds appealing for the sole fact of being able to do couple cosplays and stuff, and after about twenty minutes of going on about the possibilities she just looked at me and went 

"so basically, what you want is a sex slave that would double as a human doll to play dress up with."

I mean.

She wasn’t entirely off the mark ???

Dick stories and anime.

My coworker describing my life in the most concise way possible

Stan Lee is sitting across from me in the airport waiting area i-


Edit: as I’m sat here reading some hc thorki smut on my kindle lmao I’m going to hell
I really truly should not have indulged in this purchase but…I mean, HOW COULD I NOT? IT’S SO PRETTY AND THEY WERE HAVING A SALE. 
Just gonna invocate/evocate all of the things now lolbai

I really truly should not have indulged in this purchase but…I mean, HOW COULD I NOT? IT’S SO PRETTY AND THEY WERE HAVING A SALE. 

Just gonna invocate/evocate all of the things now lolbai

The Buddhists say if you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that’s not the one. When you meet your ‘soul mate’ you’ll feel calm. No anxiety, no agitation.

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thank the gods I sealed my make up before the panic! concert tonight cos the TEARS during some of those songs were very sudden and took me way by surprise.

Dallon Weekes is such a babe I can’t even handle it UGHUGHUGUHG

Brendon’s backflips make my heart lurch (mostly out of fear even tho I know he does them all the time. STILL YOU GUYS.)

and that Bohemian Rhapsody interlude was just. Yes. All the tears. Even the parents of the teeny boppers belting it out. The Wayne’s World clip playing on the jumbo screens. All of it was perfection.

They put on a damn good show. The only flaw I find is that they rush through the whole set too much. Perhaps to squeeze in as many songs but still, the talking between is a favorite part of going to concerts. If I wanted to hear the songs all the way through like that I could just make a playlist y’know? IDK, maybe I got spoiled by MCR and Gerard’s incessant need to talk lmao

Either way, good night indeed. The Greek is an amazing outdoor venue and my seat was amazing.

Also, shoutout to the dumb girls behind me making fun of me for going to a concert by myself. I’ll be laughing when one of you fucks all your boyfriends. Laughing and completely enjoying my next concert by myself. Nertz to y’all~

my fucking eye has literally been twitching for like a month straight, maybe even longer, and its officially driven me fucking insane nothing i do that usually makes it stop is working! not even wearing my eyepatch for extended periods of time, which usually does the trick. 

im at my wits end and i know its not gonna go away anytime soon because i’ve got some very sudden MAJOR shit im stressing over and I can tell its aggravated it because the twitching before was minimal but now its like full on lower lid twitch and jsute kfjafjafjalkf STUPID NEUROLOGY

One of these days you guys, one of these days I’m just gonna go fucking Jack the Ripper on my reproductive organs.

Just fucking ice cream scoop all that shit out of there.


Sleeping like the dead.


Sleeping like the dead.
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oh gods so the work!crush was chatting to me today right, when I got distracted by his name badge for some reason and saw that he had a random sticker of a duck on it and my brain momentarily lapsed because all I could think of was Nitori and now I just-I can’t. He’s even more adorable to me now ffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I’ve had to take two lunches (aka the equivalent of almost doing a double shift pretty much) per each shift I’ve had the past three days and I wasnt even supposed to work two of those and for more than half of a shift i was drugged the fuck up on too much benadryl

basically i have no idea what the fuck is going on in the world outside my job and my bed

i curse every single asshole that decided to shop for back to school shit AT THE LAST GOD DAMN MINUTE. I hope you and or your dumb shit children flunk so bad you/they get held back twice.