Rotten Inside


utterly depraved & quietly losing control.

The Brothers Johnson 

Look at these little shits dressed up like Modern!AU Fili & Kili [x]

The one spoiler Dean actually gave away and not a single one of us ever thought twice about it. yousonofabitch


'What was it like, as a Kiwi, to shoot in Australia?' [x]

But can we talk about when he puts his arm around her because it makes me melt ;3; [x]

Dean O’Gorman - Blonde, Bloody, Beaten, and Bawling [X]

Let me just sit here and revel in the sight of this forever.

Because I owe you lot some Hallow-T (x)

can we use your reaction gifs ?? They are brilliant !!!

Most definitely! Free to use, no credit necessary :) That’s why I make’em~ I get stupidly excited when ever I see people actually using my reaction gifs haha

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we can just use your gifs, yes?

Yes of course nonny that’s what they’re for :D! No credit necessary when it comes to those. Use as you please~

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A few taj reaction gifs

Just a few I’ve made in the past couple of weeks. I’ve got more, but of course, my brilliant self has forgotten exactly which folder they’re all saved in B| As soon as I find them I’ll post them :)

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Remember that time it looked like these two were kissing

Bubble eating!

(I’m fairly certain this actually came from one of Brianna's videos)

I have soooo many unfinished gifs laying around my external. Never could get this to look 100% like I wanted it to but, I owe you lot something so here ya go :)

The Almighty Johnsons - Series 3 episode titles spoken. (s1) (s2)