Rotten Inside


utterly depraved & quietly losing control.

I literally do not ship this at all, but you sit there with a straight face & tell me this isn’t hot.

Go on.

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and then a beautiful moment was ruined 


While March Hare looked at him in terror, confusion, and shock


The Mad T Party Band

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I don’t think any of you will ever understand how HARD this made me laugh. For a good five minutes at least. There were actual tears.

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The fact that that mic stand gets more action than Alice is ridiculous on every level

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You can’t really tell but in the first gif Dormouse kept inching closer to March Hare’s face and he kinda got taken off guard….then someone got a little jealous that a someone turned to look at Alice

In which the White Rabbit DJ serenades the March Hare

Dormouse sammich!

Tricksy thing now are we?

You’re such a tsundere March Hare *rolls eyes*

All he wants for Christmas is you~ dormouse

Hatter and his boys

Thanks for the reassurance B|

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*strokes computer* So I get back to an explosion of notes….

Thanks for all the love on the gifset! 8D Didn’t give me as much hell as the first one did all those months ago but I labored over it just as much so it’s always fantastic when you all respond like that :3 It’s what keeps me wanting to try new things with my gifs~

On that note, with that long awaited gifset out of the way, I’ve already started work on another one! Gah I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to >< This gifset is one I’ve been wanting to make for a long time now and I think I’ve finally figured out how I want it to look, so here’s a (very) small preview:

(photo credit to ourdisneydays)

This is just a test run through so I can’t guarantee the end result will look the same but it definitely will be similar. 

Also, sorry for the big ugly watermark but I just can’t take any chances with this being used personally. But I’m not a total asshole so if anyone would like something like this for your sidebar on your blog just shoot me an ask and we can work it out :)

Count out xx