Rotten Inside


utterly depraved & quietly losing control.

Artist: King Chango
Album: The Return of El Santo
Song: Sin Ti
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Dime porque nuestro amor tuvo que terminar 
Por que nuestro ego nos logró dominar 
Acabando con todo lo que fué nuestro altar 
Tú eres mi alma gemela y no te voy a olvidar 
Y rezo pa' que en la otra vida 
nos volvamos a encontrar 
Artist: Dramarama
Album: Cinéma Vérité
Song: Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)
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Artist: Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra
Album: 100 Masterpieces, Vol.1 - The Top 10 Of Classical Music: 1685 - 1730
Song: Adagio In G Minor
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" Adagio For Strings And Organ In G-Minor " By Italian Baroque Composer Tomaso Albinoni, Performed By The Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra

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Artist: Aiden
Album: Nightmare Anatomy
Song: See You In Hell...
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To darkness,
To suffer, 
When I fall… 
I will see you in Hell!

Artist: Escape The Fate
Album: Dying Is Your Latest Fashion
Song: Friends And Alibis
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Escape The Fate - Friends and Alibis

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Artist: lady gaga
Album: the fame monster
Song: teeth
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teeth // lady gaga

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Artist: Ima Robot
Album: Monument to the Masses
Song: Creeps Me Out
Plays: 89
Artist: Twin Forks
Album: Twin Forks
Song: Back To You
Plays: 627

So, put a poesy in your hair
Pretend you couldn’t give a care
Whistle past the graveyard
Even the dead deserve a song

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Artist: Chiodos
Album: Devil
Song: Duct Tape
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Chiodos released “3 AM” just a few hours after I posted it, so here’s another song from the upcoming album. Remember this is still “unreleased”, so be sure to share it with everyone who might be missing it.

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Artist: Grouplove
Album: Never Trust A Happy Song
Song: Tongue Tied
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365 Days of Music
Day #35: Tongue Tied - Grouplove
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Artist: Freddie Mercury
Album: The Acapella Collection
Song: Killer Queen
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Killer Queen - Queen (Isolated Vocals)

fuck. fuck.



Oh. My. Fucking GODDDD!


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Song: Haji plays the Cello
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Artist: The LEGO Movie
Album: The LEGO Movie Soundtrack
Song: Batman's Song (Untitled Self Portrait)
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Artist: Florence & the Machine

Song: Cosmic Love (Layered)
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Cosmic Love (Layered) - Florence + the Machine

Plug in your headphones and enjoy :)

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I’m Not OK - vocals and minor instruments

I just love how he goes from shouting to “trust me”

Omg, a legit one and not a crappy one someone ran through audacity and then tried to pass off as a demo or real instrumental.

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