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Friendly reminder that Fili and Kili weren’t born until almost a hundred years after the fall of Erebor and are rescuing a home they never knew

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when fans get mad at a celebrity for having a relationship

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pretty sure the people of tumblr take their ships more seriously than the Navy

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Similarities with OUAT:

Similar Premise ll Puzzle-like Story ll Fantasy Genre ll Involves Fairytales

Created by:

Remi Aubuchon, Ronald D. Moore (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Battlestar Galactica)


On the vibrant world of Caprica, in a culture close to our own, two dynamic families, the Graystones and the Adamas, live separately on opposite ends of society until brought together by tragedy. Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz), a computer engineering genius, is spearheading the development of artificial intelligence. Tragedy strikes him and his wife Amanda (Paula Malcomson) when their daughter Zoe (Alessandra Torresani) dies in a terrorist bombing. Also living on Caprica, deeply entrenched in a cultural heritage apart from the rest of civilization, is the Adama clan. The family is helmed by Joseph Adama (Esai Morales), a renowned criminal defense attorney, and father to William (Sina Najafi) and Tamara (Genevieve Beuchner). When Joseph’s wife and daughter perish in the same attack that befell Zoe Graystone, Joseph’s path soon crosses Daniel’s as they unite in grief. Daniel has discovered that Zoe, a computer genius in her own right, had managed to create a life-like avatar of herself, a perfect digital copy. Obsessed with the possibility of seeing his daughter again, Daniel implores Joseph to help him make Zoe’s vision a complete — and the fate of the human race is altered forever…

Other information:

Caprica is a science fiction drama television series. It is a spin-off prequel of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, taking place about 58 years prior to the events of Battlestar Galactica. The series produced 18 episodes before being cancelled by Syfy due to low ratings.

Caprica differs significantly from its parent series. Ronald D. Moore had strong feelings on the matter, explaining that his starting point was, “…you don’t try to repeat the formula,” and going on to say, “…everything about Caprica was designed specifically to not repeat what we had done in Galactica.” Although a critical success, Galactica had a predominantly male audience, and both Moore and the network felt the “war in space” backdrop was a major deterrent to female viewers. With these considerations, and Caprica’s storyline already focused on events taking place prior to the two Cylon Wars, the series has a different tone, content, and style. While Caprica contains references to elements of the Battlestar universe, the series was intended to be accessible to new fans. Whereas the dark, post-apocalyptic reimagined Battlestar Galactica series revolved around a final struggle for survival, Caprica is concerned with a world intoxicated by success. Ronald D. Moore states: “It’s about a society that’s running out of control with a wild-eyed glint in its eye.”


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I don’t even

I don’t even

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Daniel with Jonathan Ross and others
18 jan. 2012

Can we fucking just - LOOK AT NOEL


Daniel with Jonathan Ross and others

18 jan. 2012

Can we fucking just - LOOK AT NOEL