Rotten Inside


utterly depraved & quietly losing control.

So you wanna get to know the Count, eh?

Oi oi!

The name is Erika. Or Richmond. Or Count (apparently.) I’ll answer to any.

I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say about myself. I was born & raised here in Los Angeles, CA. I go to Disneyland way too much and never enough. I live a straight edge lifestyle (but don’t worry I’m not preachy about it =]) My hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, crafting, hiding under beds, howling at the moon, and making gifs. I name practically every inanimate object I own. I’m a massive anglophile. I’m outlandishly perverse (but I tend to keep the explicit porn off this blog so again, no worries.) I’ve spent a lot of time in the past decade drowning myself in slash. Don’t ever get me started on talking about human anatomy or castles because you won’t hear the end of it. I am beyond obsessed with fantasy and the renaissance/victorian era (honestly anything costume/period~y). I have a really eclectic music taste but I sold my soul to Rock & Roll the day I was born. I will take any chance I get to muck about in a costume for a few hours. I love all things of a macabre nature but every fiber of my being loves all things Disney just a bit more. I will do everything I can to make a person happy. 

My blog is honestly not a complete reflection of me but that’s just cos even on the internet I refuse to open up. If there’s anything I didn’t cover that you’re curious about you can always ask, I’ll rarely turn an awkward/tmi ask away.

P.S.  I’m still convinced there was a mistake and my Digivice never made it to me xx

P.S.S. This Abount Me sucks, sorry!